ARM SoCs Component and PC

(tested on all Raspberry Pi models, the Banana Pi M1 & M", and the Odroid U2/U3/C1 as well as Linux PCs, Mac OS, and Windows PCs)

(if you want a pre-compiled image for another specific platform, please send me an email)

Arduino Components


JavaScript Components

  • the basic routines HASI.js
  • additional code for realtime webpage updates HASI_AJAX.js
  • additional code for rendering SVG graphs HAS_SVG.js

Other Downloads

Video Tutorials

Since I get tons of emails about HAS I decided to do a few video tutorials. As all the mails that I got were in german so I decided to do the videos on german as well. However, if you would prefer an english version, send me an email and I will re-do those videos in english if I get enough requests.

I should note that making video tutorials is something new for me so please be forgiving about the lack of professionalism.

Allgemeine Fragen

HAS Grundlagen

  • Was tut HAS eigentlich? (work in progress)
  • HAS selbst Compilieren
  • Windows (work in progress)
  • Mac OS (work in progress)
  • Raspberry Pi etc. und Linux PC (work in progress)
  • Software Setup 
  • HAS Teststart auf dem PC (work in progress)
  • HAS auf dem Raspberry Pi etc. (work in progress)
  • HAS Hardware Setup
  • Raspberry Pi etc. (work in progress)
  • Arduino (work in progress)

HAS für Fortgeschrittene

  • Dies HASI Programmiersprache (work in progress)